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Revd. Vicky Atkins is the Superintendent Minister for the Calderdale Circuit.  As well as caring for her own churches, she helps, supports and advises the other Ministers in the circuit.  She has a busy life!

As well as five church stewards whose job is to assist our Minister, Revd Kathie Heathcoat, we are fortunate in also having Revd. John Saville to help us.  Strictly speaking he is a "supernumerary", (or retired), minister, but is active and does a great deal of work at St. Paul's.  He is especially interested in church music.

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Revd. John Saville

Love doing, in no order! Music, being married to Ruth, photography, travel, church, preaching, family, discussion. Presently chair of property meeting and pastoral visitor.


Former minister in 12 of the churches in the Calderdale Methodist Circuit and 6 churches around the country and Chaplaincy of a Hospital and Coal Mine. Former drummer and keyboard player in bands.


Played many organs, not least, Church of the Nativity Jerusalem, Lutheran Church Hamburg, Hong Kong and Durham Cathedrals


Anxious, and motivated to share the Love of Jesus, wherever I can, and support our minister Rev Kathie.

St. Paul's Church Stewards:

Dawn Teague 02.jpg

Mrs Dawn Teague
(Senior Steward)

Angela Hellowell 02.jpg

Mrs Angela Hellowell
(Senior Steward)

Eileen Gledhill 02.jpg

Mrs Eileen Gledhill

Wendy Young 02.jpg

Mrs Wendy Young

Ruth Lee 02.jpg

Mrs Ruth Lee

Liz Cheetham 02.jpg

Mrs Liz Cheetham

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